Monday, March 21, 2011

WHO WORE IT BETTER? Eva Longoria Vs Kate Winslet.

Two red carpet White looks. Two beautiful dresses with details like lace, appliqués and rosettes.

Eva chose a Reem Acra beaded mini dress, with blush satin shoes and smokey eyes. Unfortunately, she seems to have chosen a dress too small for her size, between the too fitted bust and mini skirt details, the dress seems to have a bit Real Housewives vibe.

Kate chose a Max Choual rosette dress with a black waist sash and went with peep toe pumps and pulled back hair.

As far as comparisons goes, this one's a no brainer, I'm going with Kate.


  1. Another celeb who cant figure out what size she is. Kate looks like a dream.

  2. I love the dress. Just not on her. May be on Taylor Swift or Haily. She is trying too hard. Kate looks classy.

  3. Kate.Kate.Kate.Eva is trying too hard.