Monday, April 11, 2011

Instant Love! INSTANT!! - Vidya Balan.

Aah! The Sari fanatic in me died when I saw Vidya Balan in this glorious Yellow sari with pink and gold embroidered border.

Its a bit different from the usual Sabyasachi designs that we see and very different from the usual color palette Vidya wears. The Pink blouse against the Yellow sari is stunning, and I'm glad Vidya changed up her make up accordingly.

I say,  Vidya Balan in a Sabyasachi sari is becoming a tough act to beat.


  1. Totally LOVE the Sari looks you keep posting! Vidya Balan has lovely sari choices...just wish there was a pic where her hair wasn't draped over her shoulder! This way, atleast in the pics, it really doesn't matter what colour her blouse is, 'coz you just can't see it!!! :S