Monday, April 11, 2011

Sari looks that we didn't love.

After being sari happy this week thanks to Vidya, Rani, Usha and Dolly, I knew that run had to end sometime.

What I didn't expect was an ending with train wreck looks presented to us by Anusha Dandekar & Anupama Dayal.

The former fashionista (this girl used to get it right, once upon a time) Anusha attended Shane & Falguni show in a sari appearance that was a true mess in every sense. The sari on its own was passable, had it been draped well and paired with a black/pink blouse. As it is, the glittering, bustier blouse, the - midriff baring and the  - along - the arm  - drape is shudder inducing. Not to mention, the bronzer overload.

Next up was Ms.Dayal, who surpassed Anusha and went sans petticoat with her Sari look. There is a way to have fun with fashion and there is playing cuckoo. You may decide what’s befitting here.

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