Friday, June 17, 2011

Who wore it better - Dipannita Sharma vs. Zoya Morani.

It was Masaba Gupta saris in similar color palettes for these two ladies at their recent events.

Although I'm not kicked about either drapes and despite of a seemingly heavy hand at the bronzer, I thought Zoya looked beautiful in her sari look, the sideswept hair and statement earrings lending a very classic touch in contrast to her more modern looks during the promotions.

As for Dipannita, the only thing worked for her was the hair and make up, the sari was totally lost on the drape, I'm dying to take that pallu in my hands and drape it the other way to see how she would have looked.

                                     Left - Dipannita Sharma at an Art Exhibition
                                     Right - Zoya Morani at premiere of Alway Kabhi Kabhi

pics credit
Zoya - india forums

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