Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bollywood Bag Tales!

I'm using the term 'Bollywood' very loosely here, folks, as none of these ladies are part of the Bollywood frat.

Over this week and weekend, we saw a host of events where arm candies were paired with rather uninspired looks (I’m being kind here, mostly).

Leading the pack was Anu Dewan with her Hermes worn cross body, Priyasri Patodia with a Blue Balenciaga City, Mukula Arora with a Dior clutch, Tanaaz Doshi with a BV knot clutch and Pinky Reddy with a Chanel quilted bag.

Apart from Mukula, I'm astonished at the lack of styling on all the other ladies, what a waste of those bags. Glad to have a Balenciaga sighting in this part of the world though.

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