Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Kirsten File - Kirsten Dunst Sightings Round Up.

If you thought there have been a lot of Kirsten activity on this blog in the past two weeks, that’s only thanks to the promotional tour and Film Fest that she has been attending for her movie promotion. Plus, a stellar style can’t help matters too, I suppose.

To avoid having a Kirsten excess – here’s a round up of her sightings.

Kirsten attended 'Good Morning America' dressed in a very lady like Chloe print dress, which she paired with Chanel two tone pumps. Later, she was spotted leaving the studio wearing a Coral jacket over the dress from the label.

The black leather Derek Lam dress and black booties were a different style choice for her, the styling with a slight Goth feel to it thanks to the crunched hair and dark lips.

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