Friday, January 28, 2011

Must Have(s) - Animal Print

So, enough with White and black, lets go and get a little wild, shall we?

Wardrobe essential No . 3 - Animal Print

Own one, any piece of animal print accessory in your wardrobe and see how you can have fun with your whole look. A Scarf,a pair of shoes,a hat, a bag or a clutch - This one addition can elevate your look to a young,fun and oh so chica in a flash. Just one warning though - want to blend in the crowd? then this one's for you.

An instant attention grabber that perks up any look, there is no accessory like animal print to spice up a look.Wear it with
all black, white, with denims, solids - so versatile,his one is a sure winner.

Word of caution - best when worn as an single accessory, you do not want multiple animal prints to clash.

And unless you are Kate Moss or have an attitude and Hot Bod to die for, stay away from this being your primary outfit, where animal print is seen,the eye follows.

Just remember, one last look in the mirror before you get out of that door..

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  1. man , now that i ve checked my closet , i ve none of the must haves.... looks like i ve got more shopping to do in my near future... ;>