Friday, January 28, 2011

Must Have(s) - Black Blazer/Jacket

Now that we are done with the first on the list, Its time for the mistress of cover ups,

Wardrobe essential NO.2 - Black Blazer(or Jacket)

Its official people, its ok to use a black blazer on any concievable outfit and what you get in return is instant chic. Check out the pics if you havent already seen celebs and fashionable babes across the globe(including you and I)knocking this look out of the park!

I mean how friendly can this genius item of clothing get? Wear it over your fav pair of jeans - skinny, distressed, straight cut,boyfriend with a simple t and flats/heels/boots.

an ultra feminine dress + killer boots + the blazer = edgy look.
a long flared skirt + flat boots + crossbody bag = bohemian look.

For the ultimate evening look, all you need a sequin top and tights or a short dress with heels. One last look in the mirror before you step out though..

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