Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Age (In) appropriate dressing? Sonali Bendre & Queenie Singh.

In fashion, there is always a question of women dressing in appropriate to their age. And my take has always been - as long as it looks good and one has the body to carry off a dress - why not.

We have two contrasting cases today - and I'd like to know what you think.

In Sonali's case, I think her choice of dress ages her by half to a decade, thanks to the ' mother -of the bride ' Gauri and Nainika dress. The color and the shiny material does no favours to the beautiful former actress and the enlarged pleats fails to accentuate her curves - it’s a fail for me.

In Queenie's case, her outfit has a bit of  ' baby doll' complex thanks to the silhouette and hem/bust details of the dress. The extra long extensions and layered pearls on the neckline do not help.

Both Sonali and Queenie have paired their dresses with luxe accessories - Sonali seems to have on Ferragamo shoes and Queenie is carrying a Lady Dior. Sadly, the fab accessories are lost in the mess of dresses.

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  1. Queenie is def OTT.I think thats her style and I think its embarassing.