Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lost and found Alert!

Dear Readers,

For reasons I'm unable to explain (because I don't know, hence I can't) some of the posts that got lost when Blogger went on the maintenance break ( for longer than all of us bloggers liked) have miraculously reappeared.

Theses are posts from May 12th and 13th ( Aishwarya  & Minissha at Cannes Opening Ceremony and a Post on Ramona Rodella)those who have already seen them - please scroll down to get the latest on VW. 

Ash lovers, you are welcome.
Ash haters, well, hello, again. 

All your comments are gone for good, I'm afraid - only the posts have surfaced. Unless they make an unexplainable entry that is, along with the rest of the missing posts no less. What do I know? I'm in the Blogger dark too.


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