Friday, June 3, 2011

Bollywood Bag Story - Amrita Arora & Neetu Kapoor.

The upcoming bollywood movie ' Ready' had its private screening the other day in Mumai. While most attendees dressed in their relaxed casuals, there were a few who spotted with yummy arm candies.

Neetu caught our eye in a paisley printed shirt tucked in and carrying an Exotic Birkin. Amrita Arora attended the screening armed with a Balenciaga bag, in a yummy yellow color. While this is no way a ' Who wore it better', I think Neetu gets my vote, I really liked her summery shirt and denims and the Birkin looked snazzy hanging on her arm.

 Would have liked something solid on Amrita, the printed dress wasn't the best of backdrops, methinks.

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