Friday, October 14, 2011

Content theft!! BY FELLOW BLOGGERS!!

A friend and follower of my blog alerted me today that there are two bloggers, who have been lifting my posts, content by content, post by posts and pics by pics on their blogs.

Although they say that imitation is the best terms of flattery, as a blogger who have worked hard to get Vanilla Whiff where it is, I don't really feel flattered. Hence, my copycats - 'fashiondrift' and too celebrities, please do stop picking my brains and lifting my content pronto, unless you want to pay for my entire wish list of bag collection as payment of copyright infringement. 
Considering you have been taking off every post I have been doing, I'm sure you won't miss this one, so allow me to be the bearer of good news, unless you take off all my contents off you blogs right away, I'm reporting you to google report abuse.

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