Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anarkali Face Off - Mugdha Godse vs. Sonakshi Sinha.

It wasn't a very fashion wise exciting week for Bollywood, save for a few good sightings.

Attending their respective events in Anarkalis were Mugdha and Sonakshi. Mugdha attended the Maharashtra Day celebrations at Gateway of India in an Beige and Golden sleeveless suit, while Sonakshi wore a pink suit at Dadasaheb Phalke Awards.

Regrettably, both ensembles had issues that stopped them from being FAB, for Mugdha,I thought she looked great, till I got to the footwear. The sandals seemed like an afterthought and I did not understand the ribbon with the braid. On Sonakshi, the Anarkali seemed overwhelming on her, the color and the fit seemed off, but I would pick her over Mugdha, thanks to the sandals.


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