Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who wore it better? Camilla Alves vs. Vanessa Hudgens.

An interesting face off of sorts fellas -

Both Camilla and Vanessa wore gowns in similar silhouettes, albeit in different colors. Both gowns had thigh high front slits, plunging necklines and wrap ties at the waist.

I think Vanessa looked great, the black dramatic gown with cuffed long sleeves, nude heels and wavy hair seemed her kind of fashion thing. What didn't make this a FAB was the flashbulb malfunction at the waist (or innerwear flash on black) and the covered- by - hair plunging neck.

No such issues with Camilla. She worked the dress, on an otherwise sombre and solid color gown; Ms. Alves brought it by crimson lips and by now signature tousled locks.

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