Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Looks we didn't love - Costume Designers Guild Awards

Hmm... In my defence, I did say there were some interesting looks - some we loved and some we did not.

One to get red carpet looks right almost always, something's off with this one of Demi's. The hair, make up, the drape on the lower skirt and bust - this,I don't love. There is a close up pic that will show the details of the damning hairdo.

A gorgeous woman - Diane Lane has given us some awesome red carpet looks in the past. This one though - I don't even know where to begin. From the sandals to the shapeless vintage dress and the neckpiece, the whole look is doing her no favours.

She is one of the trendiest and quirkiest Bollywood town girls, but this look of Anushas is such a let down. I can't get past the hair. To begin with, it looks like a wig that doesn't even fit or a bad extension /color job gone bad. BIG NO.

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