Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Metallics/ Sequin/Shimmer trend card

Shimmer is here to stay people! All you need  is an accent of it as part of your outfit to transform you into the belle of the ball. Its THE official 'run to' piece of every style setter out there.

Sequin and metallics are perfect party coup to glam it up - wear it as a minor accent if you arent comfortable with head to toe glitz- a shrug,shoes, clutch or a headband.

If flashbulbworthy is your style, go for a metallic dress,skirt, top or tunic. Remember to keep the rest of the look simple and let the glitter take centre stage. Shimmer basic are gold,silver or bronze but do experiment with black, white or colors as per your individual aesthetic.

Sequin accent on shoulders

Sequin shoes and clutch

More Sequin skirt looks

Queen of Shimmer - Taylor Swift

Always remember metallics are of loud personality, keep the rest of the look clean and HAVE FUN.

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