Saturday, February 26, 2011

Must Have(s) - Oversized Watch

An oversized watch can double up as a great statement accessory, if done right it can dress up any outfit. 

With many options to choose from (  Many shades of gold, silver or in colors of your choice) the design choice can be simple and streamlined to flashy and embellished or everything in between ; according to your style preference.

Wear the watch alone or stack them along with bangles in same palette or bracelets for a dressed up look.


  1. watches are a matter of style and very personal taste.... one thing is for sure red gold is the "new gold" check out this omega

  2. an over sized watch is something i love too.. its something that goes with everything and looks absolutely chic!!

  3. An oversized watch is my favourite accessory. I wear them with gold bangles and its so chic!